Upscale holiday displays hit New York City

Although it's only November, this blog has already discussed the importance of window displays, especially as the holiday season rapidly approaches. For some businesses, this is a tradition and an easy way to promote their products in a festive manner. Specifically, the Wall Street Journal has reported on the displays that well-known department stores in New York City have put up to grab attention.

One of the major stores to take advantage of this strategy is Bergdorf Goodman, which uses many special items, including mannequins. Photos included with this article show the extravagant dioramas the store presents, including neon signs and intricately crafted models. Pulling this off during the holiday season requires preparation throughout the rest of the year.

Another store implementing a major holiday display in windows is Barneys, which is harnessing the combined talents of well-known set designer Catherine Martin and director Baz Luhrmann to create special themed scenes that use different dynamic elements, including window graphics.

The creative director of Barneys, Dennis Freedman, described some of the things that the company has needed to consider as it plans its displays this time.

"There's a long history of Christmas windows and…so many of them are really, really beautiful," he said. "So the challenge is, how do you really differentiate yourself." He also described the attempts to create "a lot of the traditional figures that would in the past be on these little motors and just bringing them to life."

Take different approaches to decorating your windows while staying true to your brand's core values with colorful and well-made custom window graphics that match everything else in the window. Shading, color, light and other elements should be considered when a display is created so viewers can observe the entire scene and see how it all works together.