What the 3M product warranty guarantees

Pressure Sensitive Products stands behind not just its services, but the warranties and special policies that come with them. Since we work with 3M graphics materials, customers probably won't be surprised to learn that the decals we make and apply are covered by that company's Matched Component System Warranty. All the same, it's worth looking over some of the specifics of this policy, because it includes extended kinds of protections that customers might not anticipate.

If you've never worked with 3M products before, the comprehensive nature of this warranty could be news to you, but it's definitely good news. As the 3M website states, their products include a high degree of support that safeguards a decal order from the beginning of its a manufacture on through its use.

This should stand as an assurance that companies will get continued use from durable graphics that are well-suited to different environments. Of the three warranties offered by 3M, the most advanced is the MCS Warranty, which covers finished graphics in a wide array of circumstances.

These encompass defects that might occur during printing, manufacturing and cutting, as well as problems associated with removing the graphics later. If the defect appears early on in the production of the custom logo decals or only after they have been applied, they are still covered by this policy, which makes them better fit for the business that wants to be able to depend on the display products they invest in.

Offering the 3M warranty is an important way that our company sets itself apart from other graphics providers that could have less inclusive warranty options. However graphics are applied or used, companies should feel that they will be durable and protected from common issues of wear and tear.