Why businesses should remember who their customers are

Every day, Americans come across a vast amount of marketing displays on the street and internet, so the need to stand out holds more weight now than ever. Because of this, today's consumer has become more visual, so your business needs to tailor your marketing efforts with a custom printed display.

We all know examples of a poorly and beautifully made banner, but how do we apply this to our own marketing campaigns? The answer is actually pretty easy: make sure the vinyl banner directly communicates with the targeted customer.

This may be obvious, but often times business owners get so caught up in their daily tasks, they forget to step to the other side of the aisle to see what their customers are seeing, according to Entrepreneur contributor Jim Joseph.

Joseph expands on this adage from an experience he had a coffee shop. He noticed that the space "behind the counter, where the coffee and food was prepped, was perfectly clean," but the display case where the snacks were held had smudged fingerprints.

Some customers may consider this an example of a dirty shop, but Joseph believes that the staff failed to reinforce the business' expectations because they "never come to the other side of the counter."

Businesses that are looking to revamp their logo, point-of-sale signs or window graphics can use Joseph's scenario when developing a marketing campaign. The end-game for all of these displays is to attract new and old customers, so it is pertinent to design with their intentions in mind.

Here are some questions worth considering when updating a marketing campaign:

  1. Is there a way to bring back a previous promotion or event that led to higher-than-usual traffic?
  2. What area(s) within the business are you trying to improve?
  3. How long will these marketing tools be up?
  4. What colors do you think will stand out the most at your location?
  5. Where can I incorporate my company's message?

Even though the goal is to appease the customer, we still think it is equally as valuable to stay true to the brand. The strongest organizations are the ones that have a visible message or leave a lasting impression on a customer.

An example of a successful business that reinforces its message with its marketing efforts is LUSH Cosmetics. This United Kingdom-based company is an advocate for using the highest quality ingredients, while protecting the environment. Their shops communicate such by displaying products with little to no packaging because they think it is a waste to hide their handcrafted goods.