Worcester, MA, invests millions into promotional project

Once a comprehensive campaign for a specific area gets the go-ahead, there might be a lot of energy and enthusiasm—but without the tools to create vinyl signs and other important pieces, where will you be?

This is why private, professional sign companies that specialize in creating custom displays should be the ones entrusted when such a massive project is in the works. 

A recent article in the Worcester Business Journal reports that the city of Worcester, Massachusetts is dedicating $1 million for the "Worcester Wayfinding Initiative" on top of an extra $2 million in funds from the state.

This program is designed to replace much of the signs that are currently used throughout the city with new pieces targeted towards increasing tourism and appreciation of the local area.

Part of the initiative will include 275 new "signage elements" in areas throughout the city, some of which will be specifically designed to spotlight the local arts. MassLive features quotes from Worcester's Cultural Development Officer, Erin Williams, on the goals the city hopes to accomplish with this.

"Worcester will establish an identity that highlights its history of innovation and the diversity of its residents as it thrives as a prosperous creative city," she said. "The wayfinding project emerged from this creative spirit, bringing together different communities to work toward promoting economic development and quality of life in our great city."

It's not enough for cities to have this kind of program in the works, though: there must be companies ready who can follow the orders given to them to the letter and turn out worthy pieces that capture viewer's attention and get more people talking about a particular area.