3 things to remember when designing a parade display

Parades, especially in small towns and cities, can be very prominent places to display customized signage. By designing and creating both appropriate fabric banners and vehicle decals to go hand in hand with each other, businesses could draw the attention of passersby, no easy feat on a busy day.

The calmer summer weather can be a great time for communities across the country to consider parades, especially as we get closer to Independence Day, often celebrated outside with colorful festivities.

If you haven't entered a float in a parade before or erected special signage to capitalize on one, here are some design tips to consider to present the best foot forward. Businesses new and old can take advantage of a parade as a time to show off their attractively made logos:

  • Bring your logo to life: The Houston Chronicle recently featured an article specifically about parade float ideas for banks. Daniel Mueller of Demand Media says that existing logo ideas can be adapted into fun, interactive designs in float form for better recognition.
  • Conduct a test: The actual day of the parade could end up being unpredictable, especially in terms of weather. While there's only so much preparing you can do, a "test run" can give your business some idea of how the logos and brand visuals will look "in action." 
  • Pick a theme that matches your brand: Mueller goes on to note tha"Building an obscure float could muddle the float's message and cause viewers to forget the more important information about who built it." For banks, he recommends themes that visualize the business' best values, like piggy banks, cash and "helping hands."

Truck decals and other signage elements make sense as parade float supplemental signs but also as possible additions to a business' regular marketing. Find a professional signage company to help develop pieces that will work in every occasion.