Professional signs distinguish your business in a hectic season

When your company faces a wide range of competitors, especially during a particular season, the best response is to distinguish yourself with professionally-made signs. There may be other players on the field, but they will not be able to compete with carefully designed and produced  custom made signs.

For contrast, think of the way that business campaigns are handled when it comes to signage. Writing in to the Missoulian, Dick Coppage of Hamilton, Montana, cites how some campaign signs are so poorly made they violate local laws. This includes making sure that the campaign signs have a "clear and conspicuous" disclaimer on them.

"It will not be considered clear and conspicuous if it is difficult to read or placed where it can be easily overlooked – as in behind weed," Coppage writes. "In addition, if the sign is two-sided, it must be placed on both sides."

Just as a poorly-made and illegal campaign sign reflects on a candidate's supporters, lackluster business signs send a bad message about your business. Instead, follow the rules for whatever medium and area you're targeting.

In other places, like Lafayette, Louisiana, the local government is considering re-evaluating when campaign signs could be displayed. Likewise, the rules dictating when and how you promote your business might also change and affect the way that you can display and design your signs if you don't pay attention. 

By working alongside screen printing companies that can generate usable material within the existing guidelines and regulations, your business can stay ahead of the curve and not risk accidentally violating an important rule.