Weather conditions less of a problem for high quality decals

Companies in regions where the weather may be concerned about the effects of the sun on their fleet vehicle decals. Especially In the southwestern United States, the heat and sun could cause graphics on the exterior of a car to crack or otherwise lose their luster. This can seem like an inevitability, but Pressure Sensitive Products offers some solutions to increase graphic durability, courtesy of the 3M Matched Component System we use.

To give their vehicle graphics more protection against the elements, businesses can use a fitting solution that is selected to complement the shape and materials of each decal. An overlaminate clear coating acts as a special barrier to block out the sun from the image without dampening an illustration's vibrancy or quality. In fact, the added solution makes the visual appeal of an image better, whatever the material it has been printed on.

Cars and trucks that have to spend a lot of time on the road have little choice but to expose their printed vehicle graphics to hazardous weather. This year is already poised to set records for heat, according to the Associated Press.

An article from this news source references information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which shows March 2015 to be the hottest on record at  an average of 56.4 degrees. California has proven especially hot, with temperatures 7.5 degrees above the usual for the first three months of this year.

With the summer rapidly approaching, businesses should prepare for the increased chance of cracking, blistering and other damages by ordering graphics that have been treated for longer use. Weather-resistant visuals will be a notable improvement over graphic decals that peel or become weaker when they've spent more time under the sun.