Build old-school attractions into your trade show display

While technology marches forward, the tendency to use older styles when creating custom trade show displays can still be a strong, eye-catching choice, especially in a crowded convention center. Some companies have iconic history that allows for unique images and experiences for the visitor.

This is one of the principles that Robert Morrison goes over in a recent article for the Epoch Times. His example specifically references older styles of entertainment that might generate nostalgia among your potential audience. At the very least, old-fashioned video games can get trade show attendees to spend some time with a well-known arcade machine and they can match the style of the banners and other items you use.  

"You can rent arcade games and set them up at your tradeshow display," Morrison writes. "Set up banner stands announcing video game contests, and have prizes for the winners. Participants don't have to pay to play. Instead, get them to give you business cards or fill out questionnaires so you have their contact information for the future."

They may not have wheeled out Pac Man, but Reebok used a similar idea in the Agenda Trade Show earlier this year. A Vimeo video shows how their display recreated the feel of an old-fashioned inner-city barbershop, complete with functioning chairs and basketball memorabilia on fake brick walls.

These things are more than just set dressing: they show others that you really care about the booth and want your presence at the trade show to be a memorable one. It certainly can be if you choose a trade show booth design that goes beyond the standard setup and captures the visitor's imagination.