Go green at your next trade show

Does your trade show booth coincide with local attitudes toward the environment? Every bit of your presentation will affect other aspects, so the things you choose to give away as freebies also dictate the kind of booth setup and banners that are most effective. To avoid getting into any conflicts, companies should think about where they will be exhibiting and what the local laws are.

In Trade Show News Network, Shane Shirley gives one example: the plastic bag. According to her, the law in California has banned "single-use plastic bags" statewide and instead favors multi-use bags that can be washed and reused by attendees. If they plan to advertise giveaways in bags in certain states, companies can focus on the reusable aspect in their advertising to make this evident to other participants in the same trade show.

Although these aren't the only pieces of merchandise that companies can offer to draw attention, reusable bags have some advantages, especially for shows in that area. They help demonstrate a knowledge that sets your brand's display apart. 

"Not all reusable bags are equally eco, as ultimately the material your reusable bag is constructed from factors into just how eco your bags are, but simply by replacing the need for disposable bags and utilizing recycled or sustainable materials you can create a promotional bag that is good for the planet, your brand and your bottom line," Shane says.

Another advantage to using reusable bags and lightweight items is that they can be packed and shipped relatively simply. The same goes for the custom trade show displays you choose, which need to be easy to transport and assemble.