Good enough to eat: Dispensing food products at trade shows

Is your business planning on giving out free food as part of your custom trade show displays? Some events center around this kind of interaction and promote it, so this might be required if you want to make a good impression on fellow attendees and industry members. How you design and structure your stand can be a big part of how successful you are at getting visitors to bite.

What type of banner you take with you can depend on the kind of trade show, and what visitors are expecting. The Associated Press recently detailed the way that specialty food companies from Virginia represented their state at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.

Because an event like this attracts participants from different industries and states, the smart companies who go endeavor to highlight the uniqueness of their product, whether that pertains to some aspect of production or where the food originates. If free samples are part of your strategy, the signs you use can resemble the samples and give customers a chance to make a mental branding connection.

AdAge recently profiled a few of the things that food companies have been seen doing at this convention along these lines.This includes the different flavors and additives being emphasized, which encompass a wide range, from beets to Korean peppers. There are also different versions of "gourmet" versions of items traditionally though of as "junk" foods like chocolate and beef jerky on display.

When your business attends a trade show, you will be among a variety of competitors, so the trade show banners and other related signage you use should be as specific as your business as.