Holidays at the trade show: Leaving attendees satisfied

Acknowledging the holiday season can help your trade show display catch attention from surrounding attendees. Although there are obvious colors and images you can use to remind viewers of the season, the key is to create an atmosphere that's both holiday-themed and specifically tied to your company's personality.

The Asbury Park Press has examined the way businesses can hand out gifts to visitors at trade shows, usually smaller items that they can collect and easily keep with them. This is a simple way to distribute merchandise with the company logo on it and get your business' name more exposure, which could increase as word gets out about your display.

Depending on the nature of your business and the trade show, the source recommends a variety of different free giveaways. Portable chargers and USB adapters make for good handouts since they are especially appealing to tech-savvy professionals who have to access their devices on the go. Other common pieces of merchandise include water bottles, calendars and bags.

Another option the source suggests is handing out food, a sure way to pique interest and also tie back into the holidays. Packaged food can display the company logo and create a positive connection in the viewer's mind, and candies in holiday colors tie into the season. In addition to the business name, handing out "swag" can also introduce potential customers to your official website if an address is printed somewhere on them. 

Whatever choice your business makes, the custom trade show displays you set up should be enticing and have an obvious link back to the other things you are doing to promote your brand, both on the trade show floor and off. Give some gifts around this time of year and you might be rewarded with the return gift of a larger customer base.