Make sure your trade show booth and customer service stand out

When your business attends a trade show, you want to be on the offense, not the defense, Drew Gannon of Inc. explains. The businesses that view trade shows as investments are the ones who are most successful in building relationships at the event, and continuing them long afterward. But in order to build those partnerships, you first need to attract customers to your booth. One of the most effective ways for doing this is to use trade show display banners. 

Trade show banners typically feature bright and attractive graphic designs, which educate customers about your product offerings. Another one of these solutions' advantages is that they're lightweight and compact, making them ideal for travel and transport.

This means you can take your message anywhere, without having to worry about the practical complications involved with other promotional tools. Banners are also durable, with some materials, such as vinyl or plastic, lasting for several years and able to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Trade show banners are also highly versatile. If you have had a successful experience with a sign at one trade show, that doesn't have to be the last of it — you can reuse it at your next event, conference or meeting to get maximum value.

Moreover, these signs lend themselves well to restaurants, retail environments, entertainment and sports venues. Given their high degree of versatility, there's really no shortage to the marketing opportunities these displays offer your business. 

Finally, trade show banners are excellent promotional tools. You can place them at the entrance of the event or directly in front of your business's booth, so that customers are interested in speaking with one of your representatives. On the banner itself, you can promote new products, sales and specials, as well as upcoming shows your company will attend. By sharing this information, you provide a means for customers to continue the relationship.

Just as you want your displays to be best-in-class, you also want your customer service at the event to be top notch. Once the show is over, the crowds have lessened and your energy is winding down, but your job is far from over. Trade show coach Susan Friedmann explains to Gannon what you should do during this time:

"Somebody who is really serious is walking around the show floor because they know they can spend more time with you when you're less busy," says Friedmann. "If you look like you're waiting for the minute to tick by, this person is going to ask: 'Is this someone I want to do business with? 'Staying energized and engaged until the trade show is officially over (or longer) proves to customers that you are a company committed to the trade show—and to their business."

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