Making an eye-popping trade show display the first time

It is necessary that whatever setup your company uses for custom trade show displays stands out and catches the right kind of attention from would-be customers.

Writing for Business 2 Community, marketing expert Goran Bogunovic advises businesses that are unfamiliar with this aspect of successful marketing to hire a professional service.

Not only is this a better tactic because of the experience that a display company will bring to the task, but, Bogunovic writes, businesses will be able to plan out their needs with other contributors and work step-by-step within their budget.

Rather than be too ambitious or too restrained in their first time out, this approach gives clients perspective on their display potential.

"The good thing is that professionals will gladly help you choose the best exhibition displays for your needs and for your budget," he writes. "For example, not everyone needs a gigantic platform where their few products will seem like suspended in space. You should do your research and come up with a display and a booth that will make sense for you."

Consulting with someone who has worked with many different types of displays means that you have a greater chance of avoiding "newbie mistakes." Amy Wenslow, a CEO of a consultancy company, advises attendees to stick to a simple design for their first appearance that doesn't try to cram too much material into space that can't hold it.

Because they don't have experience with a trade show company, a company new to this space should trust a visual marketing professional's opinion of what qualifies as "too much," and use that and other guidelines to shape their trade show displays.