Midwest Haunters Convention provides memorably shocking images

How much is too much when it comes to a trade show that specializes in over-the-top imagery? That's a question that might be pitched at companies that recently attended the Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, OH. This is more than just a a meeting of similarly-minded professionals: it's also a way for those enthusiastic about gore and monsters to express themselves.

Even industries that don't center around ghosts and goblins can create an atmosphere where elaborate costumes and displays appear. A gathering of makeup artists and haunted house owners lends itself naturally to the sort of images and pieces that might get a company noticed: it also means that the bar, in its own way, is higher.

More than the content of these displays, technical expertise clearly evident in gatherings like this: video from the Columbus Dispatch shows animatronic pieces, strobe lights and presenters wandering around with grotesque hand puppets.

Amid all of these distinct trade show graphics, it's still important for businesses to think about the benefits of simplicity. Mike Thimmesch of Trade Show News Network wrote about this virtue, which may apply no matter what the surrounding atmosphere.

"Your trade show display is not a warehouse, nor is it a full-length novel: its job is to capture attention and support your booth staff," he writes. "If you give in to everyone and load up your booth, it creates a confusing obstacle to understanding, rather than an enticement to enter and engage."

The trade show booth design you select can be influenced by all sorts of different factors and accommodate many different members of your team, but it should be simple enough to serve its purpose. By trusting the task of printing your trade show materials to professionals, you can be ready for designs that will be noticeable, distinct and powerful.