Mobile helps trade show attendees feel like they make a difference

When your company visits a trade show, you can set up a booth or series of signs that work around your most interesting selling points. If you have an unusual form of technology to show off, the trade show banners you put up should make reference to this. And if there's a way to get attendees involved through some sort of mobile offering, then your display should make this clear, too. 

An article written for Trade Show News Network recently referenced the power of mobile-based promotions to make onlookers feel involved at any trade show. At this year's Super Mobility Week, an event sponsored by the wireless organization CTIA, user cell data was used to create audience maps and technological displays. Everyone involved got the chance to see their impact on the conference for themselves.

In the source, the CTIA show's director, Robert Mesirow, said that different exhibitors used this kind of setup to their advantage.

"You'll walk into the Samsung booth, and it will ask you questions about what you'd like to see and offer to schedule a meeting and send information to your phone," he said. "It makes it a lot more efficient for exhibitors as it automatically does their lead generation and follow-up."

Just because companies are using a digital screen doesn't mean they can forego physical signage altogether, however. Because those displays often change, a stable piece of real-world signage can give viewers solid instructions on how to interact with them.

For example, companies that are tracking, processing and displaying tweets can use a banner that tells all attendees which hashtag to use and what other steps they need to take to be identified online. This could help engage new viewers and create more fans of the brand.