Record number of events scheduled for Boston in June

Where should your company go to appear in trade shows? Some industries will naturally congregate in specific locations, but there are cities that can increase their potential to host important trade show events—and Boston appears to be on the rise in this regard. Before heading off to these locations, your business should investigate strong trade show banners that will help you stand out in a busy center.

According to the Trade Show News Network, Beantown recently set a new monthly record for most scheduled events. This June saw 38 different event contracts signed, an 8-contract improvement on the previous record set nine years ago. On top of that, the outlook for the city is good, with nearly 100 more events planned for its major convention centers.

If that weren't enough, there's another reason for conventionistas to set their sights on this city: the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, which has been in existence for ten years, may be getting an expansion over the next year and half. It hosts major conventions and trade shows, including the popular PAX East gaming event.

The local Senate recently agreed to devote $1 billion to the cause and Governor Deval Patrick is expected to sign it into law. Despite this, there are differing opinions as to the right way to support this development and whether or not it would bring in enough money to justify more work done to this Center.

If the convention activity in this city continues, your business might want to take advantage of this by developing custom trade show displays and preparing for a visit.