Standing out on the first try: Displays make the first show count

Preparing for your business' first serious trade show appearance is nerve-wracking, especially if your company has no previous large-event experience. Companies should use careful consideration when creating displays for events before the time comes, even if they end up not working as planned. Though there will always be an element of trial and error to the first trade show, making a strong appearance sets the tone for future shows.

Writing for Forbes, contributor and marketing CEO Jerry Jao recently described some of the lessons he learned from his business' first trade show experience. He writes that one of the advantages of the setting is that other attendees are usually relatively vocal about what your business needs to change.

"Attendees said they couldn't tell apart several different companies who all used the same rehearsed terminology," he says. "My team responded by avoiding buzzwords while explaining how we differ from our competitors. Be prepared to roll with the punches – how well and quickly you're able to adjust can give you the edge when it comes to capturing that lead."

First time attendees also have to think about the way they will balance their budgets in advance. Fortunately, businesses can look to various sources for grants and donations to help them attend conferences as well as work with an affordable provider of attractive trade show banners. Your business will have tailor-made pieces that reflect its value and portray it in a positive light to a new audience.

Don't let the pressure of making a big impression dissuade you from going to an important show. Investing in high-quality trade show displays will help it be less intimidating and make your company more prepared.