Vary trade show booths to make them more approachable

In addition to well-designed custom trade show displays to draw people in, your company needs booths that are easy for attendees to walk into. A Business 2 Community piece by Richard Larson listed some of the ways to both capture attention and make it easy for interested parties to learn about your service.

Several of these suggestions depend upon the structure of the booth to be successful. For example, Larson discusses using special hosts or even themed performers to show off the brand and lure people into your site.

He says these staff can welcome visitors and answer questions or do some sort of feat related to the company. If your business goes this route, you should use displays and an open layout that lets these workers take center position without completely obscuring important graphics: you can also place pamphlets and smaller informative displays somewhere the visitors will naturally turn to after being greeted.

Another tip he gives is to vary up the different visual elements in the booth itself so you aren't just appealing to one type of attendee.

"Have a variety of different display options to appeal to different people," Larson writes. "Some people like flyers, pamphlets, and reading materials. Other attendees are visual and would like to see a video demo on an HD screen or tablet."

These days, easily accessible booths are for more than just the trade show-goers: Because of the way news spreads across the internet, fans of your brand online have a good chance of seeing a truly unique and interesting display. This is another reason to be far-reaching in your approach to stands and banners, especially when working in an industry with lots of visual potential.