3 placement ideas for vehicle wraps and decals

Working with Pressure Sensitive Products, you will have the choice of how much of a vehicle you want to cover with images and text. Comprehensive use of fleet graphics will encompass the whole vehicle and is great for large, intricate designs. On the other hand, placing smaller graphics on specific sections of a vehicle also has its advantages, depending on the model you use and the way you want to appeal to viewers.

When considering a vehicle graphic strategy, think about the areas that are most appropriate for display and will be the best use of your time and money. Here are some different possibilities that incorporate various parts of an official car, truck or van:

  • Hoods: The wide space of the hood could work as a canvas for a graphic that needs a large, sweeping space. This is an especially interesting option for vehicles that will be shown off in parking lots and other places where they will remain stationary.
  • Side panels: Vans and other autos with a lot of room on the side can be host to attractive logos rendered onto opaque films. As a standard, easily available choice, these films can be adjusted to match the space and color available. Some trucks have a lot of room on the side that makes design placement seem natural.
  • Windows: Decals, particularly clear ones, apply smoothly to the glass and allow onlookers to see the chosen image in high detail. You can still use colors to make a brand logo or message stand out while the vehicle is in motion.

Pressure Sensitive Products can not only create the vinyl car wrap you need but guide you through the installation process. A new logo strategy is easier to implement with experienced professional help at the ready.