3 tips for your next company bumper sticker

Everyone's likely to be familiar with bumper stickers, even people who don't drive every day, and making stickers that carry specific brand messages and imagery has novelty appeal for consumers. Because they are so easy to apply, customers could very easily place them on their personal car and become an instant, vocal fan of your company.

To get drivers more excited about using your company's own labeled bumper stickers, though, some basic design and style tips will help companies making them for the first time. Here are three tips to make a bumper sticker more fascinating and effective:

  • Consult research: Residents of different areas across the country may have their own preferences for the type and amount of bumper stickers on their cars. A poll from Pemco Insurance asked residents in Oregon and Washington about their attitudes towards stickers and magnets on their cars. Out of a list of nine different types, the most popular sticker for both states was one that comes "from a group or club" that the owner of the sticker supports.
  • Pick the right font size: Choosing a font  that is easy to read and still distinctive makes it easier for other drivers to learn more about your company from this sticker. Lots of text is fine, but keep in mind that your sticker could share bumper space with others.
  • Simplicity helps: Bold colors, strong contrasts and an easy-to-identify image in the logo are ingredients for a successful bumper sticker. Just because the sticker you use isn't complicated or busy doesn't mean it can't be smart: using negative space, overall sticker space and other available elements are smart ideas for distinguishing yourself against competition.

As common as bumper stickers are, they could still make an effective impression on a target market, especially if they match the truck decals your fleet vehicles are also using.