5 benefits of car advertising for your company

The new year has almost arrived and it's time to start thinking of creative ways you can market your business.One highly effective way of advertising is with a vinyl car wrap that communicates your company's services.

Here are some of the benefits of using cars to advertise: 

  • Cost-effective: Vehicle ads are highly cost-effective, being a one-time expenditure that can bring consumers to your company for years to come.
  • Efficiency: You have to drive anyway, so why not spend that time spent commuting and running errands to promote your brand? With company truck decals you'll always be accomplishing more than one thing when you're on the road.
  • More exposure: Car advertising reaches a wider audience than billboards, radio, direct mail or mass transit advertising. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, a car advertisement reaches up to 70,000 individuals on an average day, and consumers report that signs on vehicles are more noticeable and memorable than signs placed elsewhere. The organization Driving Revenues found that vehicle signage can accrue 4.8 million impressions in only one year.
  • Rarity: With a car advertisement, you're promotional material isn't surrounded by other businesses vying for attention, as is typically the case on television or the radio. This makes your signage more noticeable and harder to miss, even from consumers who are farther away.
  • Tax write offs: Besides the cost of the vehicle, of course, any expense you put toward car advertising can be written off during tax season.

Creating your perfect vehicle wrap now will help you prepare your marketing strategy for the new year. So call Pressure Sensitive Products if you need help or information as you get started.