A larger police decal could be more fitting

Over time, police departments may find the type of custom logo decals they want changing. For help meeting the newest needs of a fleet, professional signage and logo printers offer the means to make new graphics that are customized and fit seamlessly into the pattern of the previous logos that were used. Pressure Sensitive Products will address all signage needs on-site if necessary, bringing their expertise to local outfits.

Relatively simple police decals that just use basic lettering and colors still need to be sized and spaced correctly when applied to vehicles. Logo professionals who know this and have helped fleets through redesigns in the past are trustworthy sources to turn to for assistance on this front.

The Gwinnett Daily Post for Gwinnett, Georgia, recently profiled the efforts of the local police to improve the quality of the logos used on the side of police cars. According to a news release from the Gwinnett County Police Department quoted by that source, a total of 34 vehicles for that department are currently using a new emblem design on their car doors, with full deployment expected within the next five years.

One specific notable change is that the section of the logo that reads 'POLICE' will be larger, as the release explained.

"The difference is especially great at night, because the word POLICE and the stripe are highly reflective," it states. "The new graphics will enhance officer safety as well and improve crime prevention/deterrence efforts by making the car more visible and distinguishable to citizens and criminals alike."

Logo decals for police departments are best when they clearly fit their surroundings and accomplish everything the authorities want them to. Pressure Sensitive Products have the resources to create and apply logos that will be easily recognizable and effective.