A new twist on logo placement that fits your trucks

Truck News recently reported on a new tactic that one company based in Ontario has taken for its trucks. The company in question, Holten Transportation, has rejiggered its fleet to allow for a greater amount of freight, but doing so also brings up the question: where does the company logo go?

Even freight trucks can benefit from having some sort of space where the name of the business can be easily seen. Think of all the cars passing on highways that might have a better chance of learning about what your company does this way.

By working with outside companies, the design team at Holten were able to come up with a new kind of trailer that uses shelves to store a greater inventory of items. The source quotes the company, which is owned by Dave and Tom Holten, on the special considerations that they gave this new reformatting.

"It took quite some time to bring this from the drawing table to finished product, but we are proud to present it," they said. The designs for the trailer had to be estimated with all of the possible features of cargo being taken into account, including its packaging.

Looking at the final product, we can see a clearly drawn, large logo left on the side: there may be lots of white space, but there's still no mistaking which company is managing this fleet.

Even if your business is working on a smaller scale than this, your truck decals can operate from a similar principle of taking advantage of structure while staying true to your business' brand identity.

Recent data suggests that truck trailers are still highly valued, so now might be the perfect time to reimagine your own fleet.