Addressing price through your food truck design

Prices for food items can change, which is why a food truck design shouldn't paint the cost of something in its custom truck lettering. This can be disappointing when customers who aren't used to the cost of gourmet food truck fare find things to be more expensive than expected.

However, the design can help customers see the value that justifies any seemingly steep costs in a few different ways, by emphasizing the quality of the food or leaving space for menus and new announcements to be posted. NBC recently reported on some of the reaction to the high prices of the food truck industry.

There's no denying that the culture around food trucks and other mobile "satellite versions" of popular restaurants is growing, to the point that established brands are getting in on the game. But compared to other locations, the prices might be daunting. NBC notes examples of a Washington D.C. restaurant that sells a sandwich for $17, and ice cream that is available at far above the comparable price in a grocery store.

To counter this, the food truck design your business employs can put into images and words the argument expressed by some of the companies listed in this article: freshness and high-quality ingredients. Because trucks are free to roam around and might not require tips like a brick and mortar location, the customer should feel freer to participate and enjoy their goods. Even if your business has to increase prices in order to account for ingredients, a gourmet food truck can explain this by pointing out the high level of service and fare that you dispense.