Alabama police department chooses simple design for vehicles

When redesigning the logos and images on the side of a police car, something plain and easy-to-recognize could be more effective in the long run, for multiple reasons. The Randolph Leader reported recently on the new logos favored by the police department in Roanoke, AL. This redesign comes as the department replaces its entire fleet of patrol cars, which often see long work hours and therefore need durable signage on the exterior.

As a photo included with the source shows, the new cars feature a plain white background and the words "Roanoke Police" in silver over both doors. The word "Police" is far larger and stretched over two doors, making it easier to see. Tagged onto the back of the car, in the same color but a smaller font, is the phrase "serving the community."

This design is being placed on the 11 new vehicles used by the fleet, which were obtained through a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture. Local Police Chief Adam Melton said there was a practical reason behind keeping these logos uncomplicated.

"We went with a new design because it was simpler," Chief Melton said. "If we send it to a body shop the more elaborate design is more difficult to repair." He added that "the police department should be in good shape for the next five years. We ordered 2015 Chevrolet Impalas with a police package and equipment."

Compared to other police cars that go for a mix of white and black, the Roanoke look could indeed be the best for that department but doesn't always represent the ideal option for other police outfits. In whatever case, police need to find the vinyl car wrap that makes the most sense for them when it's time to give their cars a new look.