Athlete food truck vends refreshments to college players

ESPN has reported on an initiative from the University of Oklahoma designed to supply student athletes with the right amount of food. In order to keep them all well-fed, the local Sooners football team are using a special truck to give these competitors access to a more varied menu than what they may be used to.

The source describes how this food truck is an effort to comply with the newly enforced NCAA rule that removed a limit on the number of food items an institution could offer to school athletes.

As a result, the University of Oklahoma is taking advantage of this opportunity, and the trucks involved in such a situation could require custom vehicle wraps to make sure everyone knows about their true intention.

Joe Castiglione, the team's athletic director, was quoted by the source describing why a truck is important and what that brings to the player's performance.

"We don't have facilities in all the places they would need to be, so the idea is to have a mobile fueling station and perhaps some additional trailers that have refrigeration capabilities that can operate as a prep kitchen of sorts," he said.

Even though a vehicle like this only operates within a certain area and for a particular purpose, the image it projects is important so the students who aren't entirely sure of the purpose of this new addition get the message and know how to respond. Because of the sports theme, the truck could come with the Sooners logo, or some other imagery that makes its use clear and specific.