Choose a design that fits your police car models

What kind of message is your police department trying to say send with its vehicle logos? Certain models of vehicle could be more appropriate for different truck decals and labels, and once they have a vehicle type in mind, police could have a better idea of what they have to work with and how they should size the lettering in particular.

An Ohio Fox News affiliate recently reported on the Columbus Police, which are transitioning to a new model of vehicle for 90 police cruisers after years using the Ford Crown Victoria as their primary type of car. 

Instead, this Department will switch to Ford Explorers, for a few reasons, including an energy-efficient battery that helps to reduce the amount of gas the car uses when idling. Lieutenant Dave Hughes told the source that one of the key advantages to the Explorer is the amount of storage space each one has.

"This is going to be our primary police vehicle for everything," he said. "Officers can put their riot gear back here, their personal protective gear and everything. There's just so much more room for the officers to have their equipment."

These new cruisers will have red and blue stripes against a white background that encompasses the Explorer's entire body, and a badge logo meant to resemble the silver badges used by officers, the source reports.

However, while Columbus is set to launch its cruisers later this year, Ford has recently recalled a different model of police car it produces, the Interceptor. More than 200,000 cars built between 2009 and 2012 are being recalled by the company due to a faulty door handle spring, according to CNN Money.

By fitting their custom logo decals to the shape and make of a particular vehicle, police departments will create a more natural look and use the arrangement of the graphics to their advantage.