Colleges a prime target for food trucks

Food trucks have gained enormous popularity over the years, and one of their key demographics has always been college students. If your business operates near a major area for colleges, the food truck design you employ should appeal to this group.

Fortune recently profiled the way college students themselves are operating food trucks. Although they are relatively expensive for younger entrepreneurs, these people are likely to know the local tastes when it comes to food on-the-go.

The trend in food truck activity means colleges are taking notice. The source quotes Rachel Greenberger, who works for a special program designed to foster food companies through Boston College. She said that a business background is less important in starting a food truck than awareness of general best principles for operation.

"People who have had direct exposure to this may have an advantage over someone who has not because they can keep track of profits and loss, cash flow statements, and those types of things," she said.

How does this affect the truck decals that operators use? Take a look at the photo of a New England fast food truck, Mainely Burgers, that accompanies the Fortune article. The sides of the vehicle are colorful but straightforward, and in addition to the easy-to-read logos and legends, there are captions describing other services they perform and where to find them on social media.

Crucially, this last bit of information is placed right under the window where visitors place their order, ensuring that internet-savvy customers are likely to see it.

Restaurants on-the-go don't have to sacrifice to appeal to college students, and keeping them in mind is a good tactic for sparking repeat business.