Custom vehicle wraps still useful for undercover police cars

There are standard police cars, and then there are the vehicles that want to draw less attention to themselves but still feature an official logo. recently reported on the way the New Jersey State Police is using a redesigned car to enforce traffic law.

What's interesting about their approach is that it uses colors that are far more discrete than the average police cruiser, but also faithfully identifies the vehicle (to those close enough to read the logo, that is).

As a photo included with the article shows, the new cars will be deployed this summer, and will feature a black body with the name of the State Police department and a white diagonal stripe on the front doors. Aside from these touches, most of the Chevrolet Caprice being used is unassuming, with no other features like the roof-mounted emergency lights to give onlookers any clue that this is a police car.

More than 58 percent of the respondents to a poll undertaken by the source said they would not change their driving knowing this vehicle is out there. But Captain Stephen Jones of the State Police said that this latest latest car style will be beneficial, and stems from the previous, similar cars that the local police have used.

"The only new thing here is the graphics," he said. "We've had unmarked cars for years, and it is an effective way to catch that segment of idiot drivers who behave dangerously on the roads until they see a marked car."

Even if a police department wants to be relatively anonymous during their work, a vinyl car wrap in dark, nondescript colors can help them achieve their goals. Every aspect of the wrap can be customized to fit the body of the new car and keep it from standing out, especially to driversby.