Does a wildcat belong on a patrol car? Unusual images and vehicle logos

This blog has examined many examples of police car designs, but the police in Neosho, Missouri will be sporting an unusual one for the local high school's resource officer vehicle. Designed by students, it features a detailed graphic alongside the text of the Neosho Police logo, that has grabbed the attention of locals. Since it is meant for a specific purpose and connected to the school, the design was intended to reference both the police and the students.

Using different types of font and colors, the side of the vehicle depicts the face of a wildcat, the mascot of the school. Not only is it clearly depicted on the door itself, but the ears of the wildcat extend slightly above and onto the glass of the backseat window. Also featured on the vehicle graphics are small lightning bolts, accompanying the idea of the wildcat being "fierce."

Neosho Police Corporal told Four States that the logo is "something the kids can be proud of" because it represents the school and came from the students.

Police departments and other officials that need a new look for their fleet vehicles can use this as possible inspiration for considering custom made images that cover multiple surfaces.Both the surface of the car's exterior and the glass of the window can be home to visual elements.

On the same note, these departments can adopt a fleet wrap that gives a reliable, uniform look to all vehicles. This is not only useful for the sake of consistency, but also to ensure that all police cars have the same features in their graphics, like a reflective tint needed to increase visibility.

Most importantly, police departments should work with designers and graphic services that will deliver durable images that fit the cars being used and their areas of service.