Elaborate truck illustrations effective for promoting brands

Companies don't have to just use truck decals for basic informative information on their branded vehicles. Instead, a good comprehensive decorative campaign can transform a truck into a rolling, vivid depiction of a company's values. Since there is often much space to work with, businesses effectively have a giant moving canvas at their disposal to display compelling artwork and specially-branded messages.

Last November, a piece in Trucking Info by Stephane Babcock highlighted this aspect of specially-designed trucks, using some photos of examples. One case, the Minnesota company Long Haul Trucking, has a striking orange-and-black design that extends to cover not only the body of a truck's trailer, but the cab as well. This section also features one of the most detailed part of the branding: an elaborate drawing of a cowboy pointing his gun out at the viewer.

Babcock also profiled Quest Global, a Georgia outfit that has re-imagined its trucks as part of a coordinated "re-branding" for the company as a whole. He spoke to the company's vice president, Chris Champion, on the impact this has had.

"We updated our logo, website, social media, company image, and so on," Champion said. "We also realized that [our trucks] are, effectively, rolling billboards that we own, so why not utilize them as such? We want to have a clean, modern design that catches the eyes of prospective employees and customers."

For an example in a different industry, we can look at the strong visuals that some professional baseball teams use for their trailers during "Truck Day," when large amounts of equipment are transported. The Boston Red Sox have used this opportunity to promote itself with themed messages on the side of the truck.

Putting effort into fleet graphics gives businesses the chance to stand out while on the road and keep others watching.