Emergency vehicles should be visible in the snow

When thinking about the truck decals for important public emergency vehicles, visibility is an obvious factor. However, even though the logo on the side of a police car or emergency truck should be easy to read at all times, it's especially critical during a snowstorm or some other intense weather event. Late this January, the Northeast experienced a severe winter storm warning, with New England and New York in particular prepared for a debilitating disaster.

In Massachusetts and New Hampshire, state vehicles have been an important part in the snow response, even though non-essential drivers are being warned off of the roads. In the latter state, the amount of accidents and traffic jams spawned by icy road conditions led to a shortage in state police tow trucks. Two police cruisers were even involved in crashes themselves, as Boston.com said, citing the New Hampshire police.

The governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, has meanwhile banned travel in his state as part of the State of Emergency issued in the wake of the storm. The local MBTA public transportation service was suspended for the entire day on Tuesday January 27, with residents encouraged to stay safe at home. But there were indeed crew out working to establish normalcy, as nearly 2,400 Department of Transportation employees tended to roads across the state.

When storms are imminent and vehicles need to be dispatched quickly, state departments shouldn't have to worry whether or not they will be recognized. Working in advance, these institutions can use a series of applicable truck signs to give responders more of a presence in a storm-wracked environment. This could involve reflective material, large lettering and colors that are bright and easy to see from far away.