‘Fashion Trucks’ are food trucks for clothes

The food truck business has become so established that other industries are aping the same style to promote their wares. NPR reported that fashion trucks are taking advantage of this convenient form of vending and appealing to consumers who like the ease of shopping from a vehicle.

One example the source used is the Street Boutique truck being operated in Washington D.C. From the outside, it looks like a simple food truck with a pink background and an elegant name rendered in black script. Inside, the truck is structured like a "mini-store," complete with "departments" of different kinds of clothing and mannequins. 

The owner of this store, Lia Lee, says she has seen successful business since launching, but that customers sometimes confuse her for a cupcake truck. Truck decals that accurately reflect the nature of a mobile business need to be used to keep customers informed.

Another example is Le Fashion Truck, a similar business being operated in the Los Angeles area. One of the co-owners of that truck, Stacey Steffe, told Business Insider recently about how she got the idea to use a truck to sell women's apparel.

"A gourmet food truck came to the farmer's market, and I admired their eclectic menu, young followers, and brightly decorated truck," she said. "I thought setting up a store on wheels would be an easy and fun way to cart my vintage wares to the different markets I was attending."

Clearly, this is an area with a lot of potential for growth, but entrepreneurs need to study the competition carefully and only use trucks that are easily identifiable as what they are.