Food restrictions should be front-and-center on specialty trucks

There are so many different conditions and restrictions that consumers may bring to your food truck that it might seem impossible to account for them all. But in the modern world where there's a niche for seemingly everything. Your business can find more customers, not fewer, by displaying the kind of menu you work from in a food truck wrap, such as gluten-free or vegan.

An example of the latter can be seen in a recently Kickstarted Houston-area food truck that specializes in that sort of fare specifically. The venture has developed from a blog that was managed by the truck's founder, Stephanie Hoban, and the business, known as Vegaletta, clearly hopes to fill a niche for the Houston environs that is currently underserved. 

In an article for the Houston Press, Hoban described the desire to diversify the scene with her truck's culinary offerings. 

"One of the things that really struck me as odd was going to the farmers' market and seeing all this beautiful produce, but nothing vegetarian being made by the cooks there," she said. "That got my mind ticking, and I got this idea about becoming a small vendor at the farmers' markets and creating a pop-up cafe."

Being specific about the food your truck has to offer isn't just a way to single yourself out from a branding perspective and signal to like-minded people, but a means of helping those people who have dietary sensitivities. Dedicated vegans might be unable to eat other food without getting sick, so informing them that your truck is a safe haven could be a matter of safety as well as comfort and good business.