Gear up your food truck for the winter months

If you operate a food truck, you need to consider the exact time of year when you're most likely to be driving around and looking for business. The winter months often wreak havoc on unprepared vehicles in the more northerly states, but with some preparation your vehicle doesn't have to stay in the garage just because snow is falling. For example, the food truck wrap you choose should be durable and able to withstand winter exposure.

You might not be thinking of this when you first design your food truck, which will put you at a disadvantage when opportunities change. Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh recently announced that local food trucks have been approved to work in the City Hall Plaza area for the rest of the year.

Boston has several popular local trucks that already frequent the downtown area, including Roxy's Grilled Cheese and Clover. Now, the city is planning to release a rotating schedule to account for the colder months. 

In a press release from Boston Newsgroup, Mayor Walsh is quoted listing the ways that this new arrangement will hopefully help these food trucks keep up business.

"Lunch shifts are of the most desirable to food trucks and particularly those on City Hall Plaza due to heavy pedestrian traffic and increased sales," he said. "City Hall Plaza also offers the greatest variety of fare as individual food trucks can vend only once per week at this location. I'm pleased that we are able to offer additional opportunities for these businesses."

When these new changes occur, restaurants need to know that their truck decals will convey the right message and stay constant.