Give an old truck a fresh look with vehicle wraps

Every artist needs a canvas, and every ad campaign that revolves around truck decals needs vehicles to put them on in the first place. Once you have secured vehicles to work with, your business can start developing its ideas and take major steps toward a successful campaign.

For example, Fleet Owner has reported on a program launched by Navistar that's designed to encourage the reuse of older trucks. This is part of what it's calling the "Diamond Renewed" program, and though the requirements for the vehicles involved are specific, they do suggest a desire to provide less expensive trucks to participants.

The rigs that are eligible to be included in this initiative have to have been manufactured in 2010 or sooner. The source quotes Navistar's Bill Kozek on the motive behind this program, which also involves inspecting the vehicles and giving them a warranty. This assures that the vehicles are safe even though they are recycled.

"It's all about developing products to fill in our gaps, be a leaner low-cost manufacturer, all while delivering lower cost of ownership to our customers," Kozek said in a press call. It's an exciting time at Navistar but we still have hard work to do."

Even though this program pertains to the long-haul trucks that big fleets manage, other companies should also keep a lookout for interesting opportunities to spruce up their truck signs. This could be a simple logo or a colorful mural, but either way, seeing the blank space offered by a new truck to work with can help to spark your company's imagination.

There are lots of opportunities for success in this vein, and truck wraps can help you realize them.