Grab attention with a simple, effective vinyl car wrap

Businesses with their own custom graphics and design on a vehicle can easily boost brand awareness just by driving around. A vinyl car wrap also gives designers lots of options to develop their logo and imagery in a new, dynamic way. However, these images need to be chosen with care for maximum effect, so potential customers aren't confused by too much information when the car rolls by.

3M, the company that makes the vinyl we use in our sign pieces, explores this in an article on their website. According to them, the key is to give onlookers a full understanding of your brand quickly by displaying just enough content to drive the message home. A logo and a brand contrasted against a solid background should be enough, 

The text on the wrap should also be designed to meet specific business goals. If a business wants more people visiting their website, for example, they should include the URL in an easily readable font, up high where it can be seen while on the move.

"Most people viewing your wrap will not give it more than a few seconds of attention. Additionally, a vehicle traveling on the highway may have even less time than that," the 3M piece states. They go on to advise purchasers to focus on one or two messages to get the point across in this specific space.

By designing and deploying custom vehicle wraps, companies can decide for themselves which version looks the best and how they should let others see them. Using a comprehensive wrap opens up more of the vehicle to graphics, but doing so in an understated way helps the core message of the vehicle stand out and make a memorable impression.