Ice cream truck sells standard treats in unconventional vehicle

There are ways for businesses to sell standard products while still maintaining an individual identity. Just look at Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream & Treats, an ice cream truck operating in the Houston area and recently profiled by the Houston Press.

This business strikes an interesting balance between the standard ice cream truck many are familiar with and a local, independent flavor—and a lot of that comes from the vehicle graphics used by the owner, Susan Sahwani-Garcia.

A photo of the truck that accompanies the story shows its vibrant, abstract color scheme, which incorporates a swirl of bright shades while still prominently displaying the truck's logo. The original plan was to use the truck to sell homemade and local items, and Sahwani-Garcia says she might still do that eventually. In the meantime, the design of the truck still reflects the individuality of the brand.

"Right now, it's got a hand-painted look and a psychedelic look to it, but it's definitely colorful and they were happy with it, and I was happy with it," she said of her customers. "We all agreed that it made us happy and want to eat ice cream."

A Denver-based ABC affiliate recently reported on another ice cream truck with a unique design being driven across the country to raise environmental awareness. The truck is sponsored by National Geographic and shows that logo, but also features images of the ice cream for sale depicted in vivid colors.

To balance the different logos vehicles are required to display, small businesses should select truck decals that are tailored to their purposes.