Kansas police department redesigning patrol vehicles

The Wichita Eagle recently reported on the way the local police department has chosen to redesign its vehicles. High quality vehicle graphics aren't just useful for businesses: The source features images of the new look, which incorporates the department's logo into a sleek, smooth design on its cars and trucks. More than 160 vehicles have received the "makeover" and are going to be put to the test.

Part of the reason behind this redesign is to phase out the older vehicles that have been in use for more than five years. But the black color also serves a practical purpose, the department says, since it will give all of the units a coherent look. 

In a video posted by local news source KWCH12, Captain Brian White of the Wichita Police said that this is a more efficient design that will be cheaper because it uses fewer colors. That's a good thing for any company with a fleet to keep in mind when overseeing a new image for their vehicles.

"Our current design is somewhat complex and over time the decals begin to flake off," he said. "We wanted to create a more simple design that, again, would…stand the test of time and hold up on the vehicles but also would be a cost savings." He also said that the vehicles will not be hard to spot at night, as some critics fear, thanks to light bars on the roofs and reflective decals on the sides.

Just like this organization, there's a chance your business wants to balance style, brand presence and affordability. The right truck decals will help you do this in a way that matches the vehicle and creates the overall effect you desire.