Keep your vehicles with signs in motion

Putting custom vehicle wraps on the automobiles used to promote your business is a great step toward increasing your brand presence, but it's only the beginning. Companies also need to think about what routes these vehicles will travel, and the way the signs will get seen. In some areas, such as Raleigh, North Carolina, it might not be legal to simply leave your car parked if it has an advertisement branded on the side.

It's actually not against the rules for businesses in the Raleigh area to do this just yet, but the News and Observer recently reported that the city council will be voting on this measure this coming August. While some seem to be opposing this ban, the article quotes officials who think that stationary vehicles create "visual litter."

As an example, the article includes a photo of the local Ace Hardware vehicle, a highly visible orange auto with logos prominently placed on the side and doors.

This same proposal would also affect the way that businesses could place sign displays in windows, and what kind of window display would qualify as a "sign" and need to be regulated as such. These same kinds of issues might also confront businesses like car dealerships where the vehicle is the service being advertised, although in those cases other forms of signage, like banners, can come with their own rules as well.

Even if this proposition doesn't get passed in the upcoming public hearing and vote, your business can take pains to try and plan the route of vehicles with custom logo decals so that they get the most exposure and don't stay too much in one place.