Keeping a fresh image on ice cream trucks

Of all the different types of food trucks that exist, perhaps none have such a solidified visual style for truck decals as the ice cream truck. When you picture one, you likely see the same white background and images of colorful treats plastered on the sides in your mind. This has succeeded for some time and is likely to continue into the future, but what if you want to try something different?

Variety might be as much a benefit for the design you use on your truck as it is for the ice cream you vend. Since these vehicles have been a staple of American life for generations, creativity in this area will be greatly appreciated by your customers.

The New York Post recently reported on the problems that a lack of variety has raised for the Mr. Softee brand of ice cream truck. Since 2010, residents of the New York have voiced more than 7,000 complaints regarding the music played when the truck travels around the neighborhood.

It's a problem because the drivers of these trucks play the music even when stationary, which is not allowed. A break in monotony could be much beloved by the target audience, just as different decorations on the outside of the vehicle can be just as appreciated.

And it's not just New York where ice cream trucks have met some problems in recent times. The Cleveland Plain Dealer noted that Bay Village, Ohio, has actually banned ice cream trucks entirely until recent years. Entering into an area like this can be another reason for companies to choose very specific, effective images and signs.

The vehicle graphics that you choose are essential to spicing up your business and showing others what is unique about your particular trucks. Ice cream can be a divisive subject, but your vehicles can still strive to look their best.