Logos can work as part of a whole vehicle wrap

While a logo can be specially designed to be a lasting image, it doesn't have to be the main focal point of a series of of custom vehicle wraps or other displays. Instead, the logo can seamlessly be woven into a larger series of images and design elements that all blend together into the sides of a car or truck, so the onlooker gets a full scene to take in along with company messaging.

This can be effective if it feels organic and places the logo in a larger context. As long as the company's signifier is still easy to pick out, then the custom decals the company chooses will still be distinctive and appealing to the target audience.

In an interview with New York Magazine, professional designer Daniel Day, known by the name Dapper Dan, discussed the impact of putting a logo on clothing, which he achieved in part by screen printing onto leather and other surfaces. He also described the way modern designers are utilizing logos. 

"The flexibility that they have now is great," he said. "They're going after young clients with young ideas and they're playing around with it, and the marriage between the young [designers] and the traditional labels is making that possible."

Logos have to look their best on whichever surface they are displayed, and to do so, designers and companies have to envision the particular types of visual signage that are going to be used. Truck decals and other custom vehicle sign pieces are good ways for businesses to combine elements together and make a series of colors, images and text that is attention-grabbing in its own right, as well as a suitable home for a logo.