Magnetic vehicle signage still works for unexpected events

There are many sign options for businesses to use on promotional vehicles, whether in public places or not. However, sometimes your company won't have the luxury of knowing the signage opportunities available ahead of time and will need a quick way to add a brand presence to a certain area. For these situations, magnetic graphics are an easy fix, since they are simple to apply and take off of a vehicle and still pack a high-quality look.

"Temporary" vehicle signage doesn't necessarily mean flimsy, and magnetic vehicle logos and designs will still cling to the body of the company vehicle long after the original application. They also allow greater control over when they are used and where exactly they are placed. If you have multiple copies of a piece or different designs you'd like to use, you can switch between them based on which is best suited to a particular event or vehicle.

Businesses aren't always ready  to represent themselves when an opportunity for a public appearance springs up unexpectedly. Having magnetics available increases the chances that you will make a desired impression somewhere, whether it's an industry event or a chance to meet customers directly.

Because they can be manufactured with a high degree of detail, they can be made to match other logos or signs, with corresponding colors, legends and imagery.  They can be produced in custom shapes to take optimal advantage of the space they will be placed on, which could vary depending on the vehicle they are made for.

To learn more about our magnetics or other visual products, send us an inquiry through our website. Choose specially-cut pieces that will make an easy addition to your vehicles when it's time to drive to an important destination and keep the brand front and center. Truck decals also make good accessories for use on vehicles to promote an company name in a pinch.