Make sure all ‘mobile units’ match their design

Restaurants that make the decision to introduce a food truck after being solely a brick-and-mortar establishment use it as a way to sell their food on the go. But businesses by no means have to maintain just one food truck: You can deploy several vehicles to meet the demands of your clients. Perhaps it is the main "hub" that other units report to. In any event, they all need the same food truck design.

In Missouri, the London Calling Pasty Company operates a massive food truck that works as a mobile base of operations. The business attempts a very British feel to go along with its fare, which consists of typical fried pastries (or "pasties"). It maintains an unusual approach to mobile eating in that the main "restaurant" is the trailer of a truck, which is detached from the vehicle and left to stand on its own, almost like a "real" restaurant.

In addition, the Springfield News Leader recently reported that the company will be adding another truck to help it perform catering functions, as well as the double-decker bus the company also maintains as part of its British image.

On its website, the company uses its British flair as a selling point for Missourians who aren't used to seeing such offerings in their area. It offers visitors a chance to "climb aboard a genuine English Double Decker bus to eat, have a picture taken next to an original English phone booth or post comments and suggestions in an English post box."

To make sure this approach leaves a strong impression, every vinyl car wrap should match and be well-printed. Then, whichever vehicle is sent out to take care of a job and promote your business, the identity o the brand behind it will be unmistakable.