Miami Heat launches decal promotion

In the National Basketball Association, the Miami Heat franchise has experienced a lot of recent success with back-to-back championship wins, but for some reason, the team does not have the strongest fan base.

For example, during last year's playoffs, the team was losing in the fourth quarter and fans started filing out. What many of them found out later is that the Heat actually got together to pull out a win to stretch the series. 

Despite being champions in 2012 and 2013, the Heat still experience difficulty to gather a strong and loyal fan base. As a way to increase team spirit, the franchise gave away window decals to customers who purchased two or more tickets for opening day or any event in November, according to the local NBC affiliate. 

The one-day event on October 21 had some fans waiting in line at the American Airlines Arena as early as 4 a.m. The promotion was slated to last until 10 a.m., depending on the franchise's supply. This event was one of many activities involved with "Heat Week," which went from October 20-28 and culminating in  the 2013 season opening game.

It is unclear if the decals will create a stronger Miami fan base, but this is a great example of how custom decals can attract regular and new customers. Even though the decal was free in this case, the on-the-go branding will be visibly seen in cars around the city for the rest of the year. An increase of brand awareness eventually translates into higher sales.