Minnesota Police Department asks public for help with designs

This blog recently discussed the way that a "logo contest" could generate interest about a brand if done correctly. This is as true for police departments as private companies, as the authorities in Lewiston, Minnesota, have reportedly turned to just such a a tactic to get public feedback on designs for its vehicle logos. The Department specifically wanted to find a design for a Chevy Tahoe.

As the Winona Daily News reports, the police have presented five very different sketches of what the vehicle could look like, based on submissions. Color combinations range from black and red to blue, white and purple, and two of the sketches feature an American flag decal on a back window. One design has the outline of the state of Minnesota as a background image on one of the side doors in blue. The LPD posted the images to Facebook and encouraged users to vote until May 8.

In order to do this effectively, police departments need to know that whichever design they end up selecting will be rendered correctly on their vehicles. For this, custom fleet wraps are a reliable option: they can feature bold designs that have strong visibility and can be uniformly applied for a consistent look on every car or truck in the fleet.

The amount of space these wraps take up can be customized depending on whether departments have an all-encompassing idea in mind or just want to update a specific section of the car, as our Vehicle Graphics page notes.

Because we have worked with several different kinds of official fleet vehicles, Pressure Sensitive Products is ready to work with any order and create graphics that are true to their original source, while fitting the vehicle perfectly.