Mobile Cuisine assesses best food truck designs

When you choose a food truck design, you are not only making a major business decision, you are also perhaps setting yourself up for industry and press recognition., for example, is a website centered around food trucks that is currently holding a user poll to determine what the best design is from a list of 2,500.

The top ten food truck brands listed on the website are derived from establishments all over the country, including Massachusetts, Ohio and Kentucky. They also encompass a variety of different styles of food and displays.

If nothing else, examining the graphics of the nominees for awards like this can help companies determine what most makes a food truck stand out. The Chicago-based German cuisine truck DonerMen, for example, boasts a complex and colorful mural on the side of its vehicle (viewers of the eatery's Facebook page can also see photos of the "naked" truck for comparison).

And despite its name, New Mexico's Chaos Bistro has a very neat graphical style, with a clean light green background and a fractured geometric pattern at the front of the vehicle. In contrast, another nominee, Boston's Evan's New York Style Deli truck, shows a clean maroon background with the image of a chef and a giant photograph of a sandwich. The voting is said to close this coming Friday, June 6.

It can be hard to decide what food truck wrap you prefer without knowing specifically what the competition is offering. Seeing some of the wide range of different options out there—and which ones are most appealing to consumers—can help your business start a campaign that is more effective and memorable.