New car helps police attract attention

Changing the look of a police vehicle with the help of a vinyl car wrap can have multiple positive repercussions. In addition to promoting the presence of the police force, a new look can be useful in attracting attention and giving the department a good name among local residents. 

U-T San Diego reported on the efforts of the Oceanside Police Department to reach out to younger people in the recruiting process. Instead of a patrol car, the authorities are utilizing a visually appealing sports car designed for flair and ideal for public appearances in the area. While the main purpose is to make an impression, the car also mimics the look and style of a standard police car.

To help enforce the connection between this luxury 2015 Nissan GT-R, the car has been styled with distinctive white and black sections and a row of lights on the roof. It has already made an appearance at a local memorial run and has other events scheduled for the next four months, after which the car will be returned to the dealer, Mossy Nissan, that loaned the car to the police.

Local Lieutenant Leonard Cosby told the source that the look of the branded car helps them improve their impact in the area.

"It's an attraction," the Lieutenant said. "For us, it's a communication tool. It's an ice breaker. When people see it, they want to come up to it. So they begin to ask questions. It will help us in any number of ways to reach people of all ages."

The car costs $100,000 but has been borrowed for free. This promotional campaign coincides with legislation being discussed by the local city council that would increase the pay of Oceanside police officers by more than 4 percent by 2017.

Custom logo decals bring the message of the police to different vehicles and can help a department create more awareness in a community.