New Starbucks truck attempts to win over fans in Los Angeles

What color is Starbucks? If you're considering the typical brand imagery, you immediately think of green, white and brown, the colors most familiar from its logo and chain stores.

But as the Los Angeles Times recently reported, there's another side this business is attempting to explore through its coffee truck, while still maintaining a strong link to its corporate identity. 

Photos of the "Frappucino Truck" show a colorful fractal background spread over the body of the vehicle, with vibrant pink, purple and yellow shapes as well as an image of a familiar coffee cup.

The truck is particularly tailored around one drink, the seasonally appropriate icy Frappucino, but the source does note that different flavors are available. The vehicle will make its way through neighborhoods in the California area for the rest of the month. It's part of a campaign that includes an appropriately flashy presence on Tumblr with similarly striking images.

This can be a message for how companies structure their custom vehicle wraps to match up with the consistent message spread across other media.

In addition, Starbucks is also set to open up a re-vamped version of the local La Boulange chain, according to Restaurant News, so this might be a call to pay attention to the business' other ventures in that state. More than $100 million has been invested so far in this effort, the source reported.

You can tackle multiple initiatives that are on your company's agenda in the same blow with effective graphics. A vinyl car wrap doesn't have to be limited to the one promotion, and can be configured so that it has a clear tie back to other related operations.