Nighttime visibility important for vehicle signage

Outdoor graphics are most effective when they are visible in all lighting conditions, including late at night. For official government vehicles with designs on the side of them that operate during darkness, this is an especially important consideration. But all outdoor signage that attempts to grab the viewer when there's not much light outside has to do so well, and anyone that needs designs like this need to do deploy them deliberately.

What makes a sign or vehicle wrap easier to see at night? The colors can play into it somewhat, which is why a police logo against a white panel could be a strong and highly recognizable image, even with just overhead street light to read it by. Proper placement on the body of a vehicle also helps give a graphic a consistent look that will help officers on patrol remain iconic.

There are other things to consider as well, though. The material is crucial, and 3M reflective vinyl easily increases the chance of visibility by using light to attract attention. A vinyl car wrap is pressure-activated and available with detailed, colorful graphics, as well as an optional gloss.

Different textures are available as well, including matte, carbon and satin. Wraps could apply to vehicles that travel in different environmental conditions and are likely to see more or less exposure to the elements as well.

All signage, no matter where it is placed outside, should be durable and treated for their intended usage. Contact Pressure Sensitive Products today to find out more about how visible our vehicle solutions are in areas with very little lighting and bad weather. We can help you implement custom vehicle wraps that are clear, opaque, or some other style.